People behind the scenes: marine geologist Outi Hyttinen

Hello, I work as a marine geologist at the Geological Survey of Finland, in Espoo. Within the SEAmBOTH project I have interpreted sidescan sonar and seismic reflection data, in order to know what type of sediments the study area seafloor consists of. During the field season, my collegues collect information onboard, which we during the winter will process and interpret. Northern Bothnian Bay was a new geological environment to me, and it is really an interesting place!

Previously I have worked e.g. with Baltic Sea Basin deglaciation history and with laminated clays in southern Finland. This involved e.g. digging deep into clay or spending time on a research vessel. Sometimes you could end up in a sand pit. As you can see, fieldwork is always a good fun!

3 people standing in a sand pit, two shovels waiting by.
Visiting a sand pit. Photo by Veli-Pekka Salonen.
Outi Hyttinen digging a clay pit.
The one who digs holes in a clay pit… Photo by Veli-Pekka Salonen.
Outi Hyttinen in a clay pit, boots sticking out.
…might end up in one herself. Photo by Veli-Pekka Salonen.

Marine geology has always interested me. The final push towards watery direction from more terrestrial activities was participating an International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) expedition at the Baltic Sea in 2013.

A large ship with a high drip on deck.
Our IODP expedition drillship, Greatship Manisha. Photo by ECORD.
Small room inside the ship, filled with computers, microscopes and other things scientists need.
Science container provided a good working environment onboard. Photo by ECORD.
Two scientists in a lab with a core sample.
One of expedition drillcores and serious sedimentologists. Photo by ECORD.

After almost two months onboard, the world of research never looked the same. Maybe it was a lure of Neptune.

Written by Outi Hyttinen.

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