Field stories: Offshore again

GTK´s Marine Geology unit started SEAmBOTH-field work in early June. First R/V Geomari did acoustic-seismic soundings and then some sampling work in Kemi river estuary. Our smaller vessel Gridi started her work in early August, first in Kemi river estuary and then the Krunnit area.

After a long transit from the south, work started from Hailuoto region. This is an open sea area and  weather conditions need to be very calm to obtain good data. Now it looks nice! Photo by Mikko Kinnunen.
Coffee keeps many of us going. I think the salt-encrusted seadogs are no exception, especially if you have to keep an eye on the sea plus several monitors… Photo by Mikko Kinnunen.
Technical surprises are a constant part of the work: luckily our technical and ship crew routinely perform miracles and this bunch of wires transformed into a functioning hydrophone. Photo by Mikko Kinnunen.

Be prepared, expect worst and after all, you might be positively surprised! This could be an appropriate motto for ship days.

Written by Outi Hyttinen

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