Stoneworts of the northern Bothnian Bay

Stoneworts, or Charales in scientific terms, is an order of green algae that is commonly found in the northern Bothnian Bay. They may look like ordinary vascular plants with stems and branches but are in fact algae. They can be found in freshwater, such as lakes, ponds, and rivers, as well as in brackish waters … Continue reading Stoneworts of the northern Bothnian Bay

Final seminar – done!

SEAmBOTH final seminar attracted about 70 people at Oulu University and about 20 people following the presentations online. Photo Essi Keskinen, Metsähallitus. The SEAmBOTH final seminar was held at the University of Oulu yesterday, February 20th 2020. Almost 70 people from both Finland and Sweden attended us on the spot, and we had a two … Continue reading Final seminar – done!