Exposed rocky shorelines – a grayling favourite

During a couple of sunny days in spring we had the opportunity to go out and learn more about one of the most iconic fish species of the Bothnian Bay - the grayling - and it's favourite habitat on the exposed, rocky shores. Together with our fish expert collegues we searched for grayling eggs along … Continue reading Exposed rocky shorelines – a grayling favourite

Practice makes a professional

New field surveyors of field season 2019 are learning the drop video technique at Metsähallitus field boat. Photo by Sjef Heijnen, Metsähallitus. Biological field season at sea always starts around June. New people come to work, some of them for the first time. There are also interns who haven’t even finished their university or other … Continue reading Practice makes a professional

People behind the scenes: Leena Laamanen

“Trust me, I’m a geographer.” – The phrase I use quite a lot. It mainly refers to having an internal compass and finding a way around big cities, just because the maps burn easily to my mind. But the second part works also in my work, I’m a geographer. Hi, I’m Leena. I work as … Continue reading People behind the scenes: Leena Laamanen


Zonation is a quantitative decision support tool for spatial conservation planning, developed for solving various problems around spatial management and resource allocation. Zonation was developed in CBIG – Conservation Biology Informatics Group in the department of Biosciences of the University of Helsinki. The team was led by the professor Atte Moilanen who is currently part … Continue reading ZONATION – PLANNERS´ LITTLE HELPER