Working close to human pressures

This Summer the Metsähallitus marine team was working quite close to different kinds of human pressures. We worked most of the time close to the mainland, so we saw a lot more human activities then we normally do, from farther out at sea. In the earlier blogs there has been information about estimating human pressures … Continue reading Working close to human pressures

It’s not what you know, it’s how shallow you can go

Latvasilmu osk Ympäristöpalvelut worked this summer for Lapland and North Ostrobothnia ELY centres carrying out SEAmBOTH field surveys at Natura2000-reserves in Bothnian Bay area. I will remember this years field surveys in Bothnian Bay not from the endless heatwave but because of all the challenges that we had to conquer resulting from working in shallow … Continue reading It’s not what you know, it’s how shallow you can go

Field stories: Offshore again

GTK´s Marine Geology unit started SEAmBOTH-field work in early June. First R/V Geomari did acoustic-seismic soundings and then some sampling work in Kemi river estuary. Our smaller vessel Gridi started her work in early August, first in Kemi river estuary and then the Krunnit area. Photo: Mikko Kinnunen Photo: Mikko Kinnunen Photo: Mikko Kinnunen Be … Continue reading Field stories: Offshore again