Field stories: Making new friends

We've been making some new friends during our recent snorkel inventories. Sometimes they have even been giving us a manicure. Curiously they checked whether we were edible, nibbling on our skin. The fish are mainly juveniles of different species. A common one is for example roach (Rutilus rutilus). Photo by Kajsa Johansson, County Administrative Board … Continue reading Field stories: Making new friends

Field stories: Stumbling upon the sheated pondweed

Most of the time our surveys of vegetation in the Bothnian Bay are planned, forseeable and follow a systematic routine. But some things you can only stumble upon, such as finding the sheated pondweed (Stuckenia vaginata). The sheated pondweed grows mainly in deeper areas but reaches its stem up to the surface. It is therefore … Continue reading Field stories: Stumbling upon the sheated pondweed