Filling gaps with making maps!

Can there be such a thing as a great and motivating workshop or an invigorating and positive meeting? Apparently yes, because that is exactly what we just experienced in the second SEAmBOTH project group meeting in Haparanda, Sweden. Project group members who took part in the meeting. Presenting our beautiful tube scarfs! I am a … Continue reading Filling gaps with making maps!

Looking back in time

Geologists like to look back in time. The SEAmBOTH study area underwent dramatic changes ca. 10 300 years ago, as the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet retreated from the area. The enormous weight of the ice sheet had pushed the Earth´s crust downwards creating a huge depression. The crust still balances itself, in the process called land uplift. … Continue reading Looking back in time

Flashbacks to the summer and field surveys of 2017

The first year of the SEAmBOTH project is coming to an end. While the days are getting colder and the ice starts covering the waters of Bothnian Bay, we’re looking back at the field surveys of 2017 and reminiscing warm, sunny days out at sea (maybe not all the time). During the summer, staff from … Continue reading Flashbacks to the summer and field surveys of 2017