Special species: Algae and diatoms

We all know that increased amounts of filamentous and blue green algae mean eutrophication. This much is clear. All kinds of algae grow much faster than vascular plants and because of that, algae can make use of the excess amounts of nutrients available during the growth season. Algae are tough competitors because they are such … Continue reading Special species: Algae and diatoms

Special species: Water soldier Stratiotes aloides

Water soldier, or water pineapple, is a weird relict species of aquatic plant in Finland and in Sweden. The English name is easy to understand from the appearance of the species. It looks like a pineapple, and its leaves are sharply serrated like soldiers’ swords. Photo by Manuel Deinhardt, Metsähallitus. It was left here in … Continue reading Special species: Water soldier Stratiotes aloides

Special species: Fresh water species in the Bothnian Bay

Some species of vascular plants and other macrophytes (the plants, water mosses and algae that we can see) are adapted to marine water. This means, that the lower salinity level will limit their distribution. They also have a maximum salinity level where the environmental stress from the salty water will get too high and they … Continue reading Special species: Fresh water species in the Bothnian Bay

Special species: Pygmy waterweed Crassula aquatica

Pygmy waterweed is true to its name: it’s tiny. It is a teeny weeny annual succulent semiaquatic or aquatic plant that only grows to about 1-5 cm tall. You can find this small and inconspicuous vascular plant from the water’s edge at ponds, lakes, rivers and also brackish water seas like the Bothnian Bay. Its … Continue reading Special species: Pygmy waterweed Crassula aquatica

Special species: Phragmites australis

What does your own lawn or the park downtown most likely have in common with the Bothnian Bay? That there is Grass, lots and lots of grass. Strictly speaking only the family Poaceae can be called grasses with around 12.000 different species. However, other families such as Cyperaceae (sedges) and Juncaceae (rushes) have species that … Continue reading Special species: Phragmites australis

Searching for Macroplea pubipennis

The mysterious aquatic leaf beetle Macroplea pubipennis has become quite familiar to us these last two summers. Not a lot is known about these beetles. Two years ago, we didn’t even know they existed in Sweden and they were known to occur only in Finland and China (of all places). As observation sites in the … Continue reading Searching for Macroplea pubipennis