Final seminar

SEAmBOTH final seminar

Thursday 20th of February 2020

University of Oulu, Lecture hall L5,

schedule AND Presentations:

9.00-9.30 Coffee (+ savoury treat) & “mingling”

9.30-9.40 Starting words & SEAmBOTH video (Essi Keskinen, Marine Biologist/Metsähallitus)

9.40-9.55 SEAmBOTH presentation (Essi Keskinen, Marine Biologist/Metsähallitus)

9.55-10.15 Geological results from SEAmBOTH-project (Aarno Kotilainen, Research Professor/Geological Survey of Finland & Gustav Kågesten, Marine Geologist/Geological Survey of Sweden)

(Audio not as good quality as others)

10.15-10.35 Biological results from SEAmBOTH-project (Linnea Bergdahl, Marine Biologist/Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten & Essi Keskinen, Marine Biologist/Metsähallitus)

10.35-10.55 Seamless observations from satellites (Susanne Kratzer, Associate Professor/Stockholm University)

10.55-11.10 BREAK

11.10-11.30 The Interreg Nord programme and regional development (Iiris Mäntyranta, Interreg Nord, managing authority/Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten)

11.50-12.05 Greetings from the The Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine Environment (VELMU) (Markku Viitasalo, Research Professor/Finnish Environment Institute)

12.05-12.20 Swedish national mapping program (Gustav Kågesten, Marine Geologist/Geological Survey of Sweden)

12.20-12.40 The history of Bothnian Bay Research Station and research done in Krunnit Nature Reserve (Jouni Aspi, Professor/University of Oulu & Essi Keskinen, Marine biologist/Metsähallitus)

12.40-13.40 LUNCH

13.40-14.00 HELCOM Cumulative impact assessment and human pressures mapping at Baltic wide scale (Juuso Haapaniemi, Data Analyst/HELCOM)

14.00-14.10 Gathering and processing of human activities data in SEAmBOTH (Marco Nurmi, Research Assistant/Finnish Environment Institute)

14.10-14.20 How mapping data is utilized by companies (Juho Lappalainen, Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy)

14.20-14.40 Implementation of SEAmBOTH maps in marine environmental assessments (Stina Johansson, Environmental case officer/Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten)

14.40-14.55 BREAK (coffee & sweet treat)

14.55-15.15 Seamless biodiversity maps in the northern Bothnian Bay (Elina Virtanen, Head of Sustainable Use of Marine Areas Unit/Finnish Environment Institute)

15.15-15.35 Future projections of the Baltic Sea ecosystem – Water quality and lower trophic levels perspective (Elin Almroth Rosell, Research leader for the marine environment group/Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute)

15.35-15.55 Gulf of Bothnia in a changing climate (Roosa Mikkola, Special Planner/Metsähallitus)

15.55-16.00 Final words (Essi Keskinen, Marine Biologist/Metsähallitus)

Photo by Suvi Saarnio, Metsähallitus.